symulator trzęsienia ziemi, symulator windy

This is a simulator stylised for a lift. Steel construction of a double metal frame and sliding doors. The lift can accommodate up to 18 people. After closing the door, a park employee manually activates one of the three control programs. They are adapted to all sorts of customers:

1. a program for families with children – the most comfortable one,

2. a program with a medium level of experience intensity

3. an extreme program for people fond of adrenaline.

Upon entering the lift, tourists feel like they are moving downwards. The lift launches abruptly, it jerks, stops, shakes, creaks. This is an illusiion – actually the lift remains on the same level and does not go downwards. Noises heard by those inside constitute a part of a soundtrack played by means of a system of loudspeakers. The „ride” lasts for up to 3 minutes. Through a window in the door of the lift riders see a moving view of mine walls, which amplifies the experience of going deeper even more.